Knitwear is an expression of art; it is a limitless universe, during the process of knitting a garment, we bear witness to the incredible metamorphosis of raw material into enchanted, dreamlike weavings.

In the planning stages of Maria Sapio's collections, the dialogue between material and its treatment is central of the birth of each garment;
each creation is a precious, unique piece of high fashion, carried out through a double-edged work process that connects tradition to innovative techniques.

Raw materials used are completely sustainable and obtained without any harm to animals; the work process follows a code of ethics in which experience and handling knowledge are key.
The production of each garment is the fruit of focused work, dedicated to the achievement of a specific goal:
the creation of a unique piece of knitwear.
Each technique used reflects a passion for details and every weaving is the result of a long journey that begins with a vision, moves forward to planning stages and careful study of materials, and finally finishes with construction, carried out exclusively by hand.

Each garment tells a unique story, as unique as the woman who will wear it.

Through the weavings of Maria Sapio's garments, elegant and contemporary fairytales emerge for women who have the same fragile yet strong spirit of flowers that grow amid stones;
tenacious soul explorers who never cease getting to know themselves and never stop at the surface of things.

Wearing the creations of Maria Sapio is like entering a world of enchantment;
it is an invitation to look upon the world with dreamy eyes as a way to glimpse its magic and mystery.